Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kangaroo Time!

I haven't updated in awhile.  NOT because the boys haven't had medical stuff going on, but because we have been struggling in WA a lot!  The transition just hasn't been easy, from WI to here.  We love the hospitals here, the treatment that Nathan has been getting, and the other kids... but the cost of living is killing us.

Regardless, I'm trying to be a lot better at updating.  I know there are friends and family out there who are wondering how the kids are doing medical wise, so I promise I will do better this year at updating! 

I had to laugh this morning, I had 25 unpublished comments this blog!  SERIOUSLY!?!?!  I rarely look at my Dashboard so I just didn't see them.... and they were ranging from recently to ALL THE WAY BACK TO JUNE!  HA!  Oops....  (Cartoon me has a bunch of hearts floating above my head from all the love I feel though!) .....  teehee... 

So...... Noah has an appointment in Seattle tomorrow, and I have to call to reschedule some appointments for Nathan, and find out what exactly is the hold up for his Autism Clinic because it was suppose to happen in December.  Most likely - it is because I never turned in any school questionnaire ... which was never done, because HE REALLY DIDN'T GO!!  He went for a few days, then got sick for 3 weeks.  This was after he didn't start on time because of his surgery!


So ....  Nathan has times where he just cries and cries and cries...   the only way to calm him down really is to do the kangaroo .....  I really regret getting rid of my sling....

 I end up sitting on the corner of a blanket, and then tucking two corners behind my back to make it tight, then he usually wiggles around and flips about inside the blanket.  Sometimes he'll go in the blanket and completely stay covered up, head and everything ...  and sometimes he just  likes to be all tight in there with his head out.  And it has to be my purple blanket... well... usually.  His favorite color is purple.  Usually he'll either cheer right up, or with in a half hour he'll be better and smiling.
We are constantly finding him in places he shouldn't be... he managed to figure out how to open our dryer one day, and heard him yelling - found him in there with the door shut.  The hard thing is, he opens doors!  We put baby locks on a lot of doors but he still manages to somehow get the things off and then opens the doors.  He's a smart little stinker that makes our lives difficult sometimes.  He runs out in the streets and he has left our house without us knowing he left.  Now, mind you - we realize this in a few moments that he's not where he's suppose to be, and then of course, instant panic!  It's hard.  I don't know what to do, right now I just try to make sure I know where he is ALL THE TIME.  Right now, he's on his couch watching cartoons and Kaedyn is laying beside me and Daddy playing with my cell phone (he's singing the alphabet) ...

Anyway - the other day while at my mom's she brought down an empty container to put away my Mom's Christmas Village she puts out on the mantel of her fireplace.  We both had gone in the laundry room for a second, and this is what we came out to.
 Any small confined place he can find, he's in........

There are just things that strike me hard and I keep saying, as much as I want to be wrong, he HAS to be on the spectrum somewhere... this isn't just a stage thing for him.   ::sigh::

He had an MRI done this past week too, he has been getting his migraines more again and it's been awhile since he Dandy Walker Cyst was checked....  We don't know the results yet, but any prayers that they are good would be welcome :)

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Linnea said...

I was just reading a little back story. My son's name is Noah too and he has Trisomy 8. I cant find too much on it. I wish I knew more moms with kids with t8 but that would mean more kids with t8. I am glad i found your blog.

Be blessed