Monday, August 12, 2013

Help and Share :)

Once upon a time, there were two little Princes who were very special.  They both had special super powers!!  Everyone was a bit jealous of their special super powers, even the King and Queen and the other two Princes. 
Prince Noah had the super power to defy odds.  The Wizards of Health would say one thing, and he would prove them wrong!  The Wizards said he wouldn’t live.  He turned into the Boy who Lived. They said he wouldn’t walk, or talk, but he did both!  Every time they gave him a line in the sand, he jumped it, effortlessly.   It didn’t matter that he was born with extra chromosomes.  It didn’t matter what they said, the King and Queen made sure that he never felt as if he was limited.  So when the Wizards said he’d never touch the sky, he laughed, and climbed on the roof of the castle. He caught a cloud and pulled the sky to him.  
Prince Nathan had the super power of charm.  There was an evil curse put upon him, and he lost his voice and the ability to grow but there was a magical spell cast, too.  All Prince Nathan had to do was look at you with those beautiful blue eyes and you were captivated.  You realized this child was special and you really wanted to know him and be around him.  Amazed by what he could do being so small, he became the talk of the kingdom.  Everyone gathered to cheer and watch what this little Prince could do.  He did it all.  
The King and Queen would not tax the people, so when the Wizards of Health said the Princes needed something that cost bags of gold, they had to turn to the people to help with what they could.  They hated to do so because they knew that the gold the people carried was hard earned, but they had no other choice.  To their surprise, the people of the kingdom gave their hard earned gold.  The Queen cried, and King was amazed by the kindness the people showed.  Every copper counted!!  
So when the King and Queen were given the challenge to raise 600 gold in a week, to be able to use a magical talking device for Prince Nathan,to counter the evil curse that was placed upon him…  in hopes the Wizards of Health would later GIVE it to them, once it was proven the little Prince could navigate it and use it well… they had to turn to the people of the kingdom for their kindness.  
Would the people rise to the occasion with any copper they could spare?  Would they help spread the word if they couldn’t spare any?   They prayed for kindness, and love :)
Please help us raise $600 to be able to trial run the Nova Chat 7 Alternative Communication Device with Nathan in hopes that insurance will finally cover it.  You can donate here at FundRazr or donate directly to Paypal..  The boys have a lot of needs that insurance isn’t covering right now… and every little bit helps!  Even if you can’t help, we’d appreciate it if you spread the word!! 
If you want to read more about the boys, your can read more about Prince Noah and Prince Nathan … and here at My Unique Flowers
We are eternally grateful for your kindness and show of support. 
Oh, for those who can help, Prince Nathan has offered to come and personally tend to your horses!! 

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