Monday, August 12, 2013

Nathan Post-Surgery

Day 1 after Surgery was a bit rough.  

But he totally surprised me by eating most of a waffle!!  And asking to drink the orange juice!!  I thought - woohoo - maybe things won't be that bad this time around....

So he's double diapered.  The blue catheter is coming out of his penis, and is there for support and stability while things heal over the next week.  There is a clear cath next to it, and that is going from his bladder, out of his belly, and that's the one the urine is coming out of.  Everything is black and blue and swollen three times it's size under the diaper :(

We got a visit from the gift shop.   A lady came in the door carrying gift bags and balloons, and he lit up!  I said "are those for Nathan?" and she said "they sure are!" and I said "WOW!" ...  then, another lady walked in behind her with MORE!!!   We can't thank you guys who sent stuff through the gift shop, enough!!  I really helped lift his mood, it made him smile, and he signed I LOVE YOU for the FIRST time!!!!!!!

This is Nathans fan club!!   Sitting at the end of his bed, a lot of his stuffies (new and ones we brought from home) were cheering him on to eat and drink!!

He slept a lot of Saturday away ...   which was good.

 Nathan's all serious - and Mom - not so much!!  You see that Yo-Gabba-Gabba creeping up to kill me??

Professor Abe came to visit us.  Nathan didn't want to touch him but I gave him a good petting.  He's a BIG dog ..... bigger than Keya.

SUNDAY - Post Surgery Day 2

First thing he did was eat breakfast and throw up.  Dennis was already on his way up to pick us up to go home, and that threw a wrench in plans.  He's gotta keep down two meals prior to going home... so...  ugh....   We ended up hanging around all day until after dinner - when we finally DID get to go home cuz he didn't throw up anymore :)

It was just trying to control his pain, he had a suppository to help him poop, trying to get him to eat and drink...

Playing with bubbles inside and outside... we managed to get him to get up and walk some!!!

Going home :)   He just wanted to go home by the end of the day....

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