Monday, August 12, 2013

Home Jiggity Jig ...

Monday .....  he didn't get off the couch.  I think he got up once.  He had a bowl of Skylanders and the tablet - and did that stuff.  We got him to eat, he'd scream anytime we MENTIONED changing his diaper...   he was miserable :/

It was hot and I actually managed to get him in a t-shirt.  Course, he didn't want to change the shirt, so as long as it wasn't dirty, I let him wear it for a few days...

 His balloon friends.  Yo-Gabba-Gabba died on the way home when I forcefully shoved him in the trunk.


Pretty much the same thing as the day before...... only I think he got up twice.

Kaedyn kept him occupied :)

In addition to his normal meds, this is what he came home on.  One for bladder spasms, Oxy for pain, ibuprofen, antibiotic, and tylonel.


Slowly he was becoming more him ..... he got up some and played on the computer too...  


The day we get the tubes out!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!
 He slept on the way to Seattle, and insisted on a wheelchair.  I wouldn't want to walk around with all those tubes......

He actually asked for a CHEESEBURGER!!!  He never asks for cheeseburgers.  Usually his food is chicken, that's it.  And stuff from the salad bar.  But this time..... he ASKED for a CHEESEBURGER...

He got new ear pieces for his hearing aids... blue ones....  he wore them really good that day too!!  Most of the day!

They only pulled the blue tube out (from the penis) and wanted to leave the other catheter in until we were sure that he could pee okay.  

Talking about the alternative communication device and what our options were.....

 This...... just made me want to say ..... "Can you hear me now?"



He was getting up and moving around a bit more for sure.   One tube down, one to go...


Nathan has this deal where he likes to wear the same thing for days at a time.  He gets attached to his clothes...  as long as it's not dirty... I don't care.
 I asked him what he thought about having one tube out - he gave me the thumbs up!

So .....  Nathan was screwing around with his balloons, and I told him to stop at one point, but he didnt listen.  Next thing I know .... he's coming in by me crying.  He popped his balloon ... not just any balloon... his ANGRY BIRD balloon....

NO ONE KILLS AN ANGRY BIRD AND GETS AWAY WITH IT..... not even him!!  He's grieving.

But apparently Mommy taking a million pictures and saying "don't smile" breaks us out of our Angry Bird Death Melt-Down......


It's NO MORE TUBES day!!!!!!  Nathan goes and gets his last catheter out today!!   When I told him, this was his reaction.......

He got home and showed me how he has a bandage there now.

THUMBS UP ....... no more tubes!!!!!!!

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