Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sensory Friendly Christmas Party

Earlier this week we got to go to a Sensory Friendly Christmas Party for kids with Sensory issues and/or health issues.   It was a lot of fun.  It was held at a indoor playground that is local.  We had never been there before.  So it was nice to be able to check it out.  

First thing they did was get in the (short) line for pictures with Santa.   Daddy took them in and I sat with all our jackets and stuff.  They posted the pictures on a website - which were up just yesterday :)

Kaedyn is usually super scared of Santa so its nice seeing him in the picture smiling - even if he is sitting as far away as he can.  LOL...  they all came out with a stuffed animal, a candy cane and a little back with an ornament in it...
Although some switching happened on the way home.  Noah ended up with the snowman - named Frosty.  Nathan ended up with the elf - named Pizza... and Kaedyn kept his reindeer named... well, it was named Window that night... he has changed it since then.

They had a maze bouncy house, a huge slide, and a regular bouncy house.  They also had a ball court, and some other sections that the kids had no interest in what so ever since they really (especially Kaedyn) just liked the slide.   Nathan went through the maze a few times and in the bouncy house a few times but really him and Kaedyn just kept going up the slide and coming down.   Noah got overwhelmed at one point and just went and sat for awhile.  He has issues with his legs so it was to be expected with a bunch of jumping.




And when we came in we were given envelopes with a bunch of stuff in there.  Each kid got some Seahawks tattoos, and a $10 gift card to Target.   Which they decided to use on pizza and pop for dinner that night.  Silly kids.... they just wanted pizza.

Nathan ended up with the candy ornament, Noah with the baseball and Kaedyn with the green candy cane :)
It was a lot of fun and definitely something we want to do again next year.  We left about twenty minutes early because Noah was overwhelmed and Nathan was getting ready to melt down.  Then we went to Target and got their pizza and soda and went home and ate and had fun.  The kids put their ornaments on the trees right away :)  

Thanks for the great night!!!

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