Thursday, May 1, 2014

**BIG NEWS** Excitement, Joy........then fell flat ....

(This morning at school)

BIG NEWS IN OUR HOUSE: Last night Nathan *accidentally* went to bed in underwear. ACCIDENTALLY.... how does a parent accidentally put their child to bed in underwear? Well, let me tell you. When Nathan gets home from school, he puts on underwear. This is his *new* ritual. Yesterday, because it was so hot here, he actually stripped down to JUST underwear. Fast forward to after dinner and meds, Nathan and Kaedyn were on my bed when I was measuring and cutting Nathan's new hearing aid ear pieces to put on his hearing aids so I didn't have to mess with them today. As I am working on them (after getting them measured) Nathan fell asleep on my bed wrapped up in my blanket. Out of sight out of mind, right? Calahan moved Nathan to his bed. This morning Nathan woke up and came in my room and .... he's just wearing underwear. I said "You didn't sleep in underwear did you?" he nods and says "Uh-huh!" ... I said "Are you wet? Did you piddle?" He says "Nooo." So he goes potty and he is STILL in underwear!!! But he says he won't go to school in underwear (smacks head)

Nathan's new ear pieces :)

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