Wednesday, April 30, 2014

rAnDoM pIcTuReS

.I realize that some people might go ....... "Why do you keep taking pictures of your son eating breakfast?" (most of them are posted on my other blog) ...  Well.... one........... IT'S FUN ......... and two .... you might not think it's a huge milestone for your child, but every bit my kid takes is awesome!   In case you are new to my pages, Nathan has a rare growth disorder, a type of Primordial Dwarfism.... these kids with Russell Silver Syndrome are notorious for not eating or not liking to eat, and it has been a huge HUGE battle to get Nathan to eat like this.  Hes not being a bird and just picking at his food, he is actually enjoying it.  And I enjoy that he enjoys it.   :)

I am not sharing this picture because he's showing off his underwear, because let's face it, 30 seconds before and 30 second after this picture...... and he was showing MORE than his underwear, or is it a lot less underwear ... anyway ... I am sharing this picture because that little boy was cracking himself up (look at that grin!) .... by mooning his Momma ......

We stick out our tongues around here....... and we make faces!

 see ... even the dog does it!

Nathan and Noah got their new ear pieces :)

Noah was only supposed to get one, but somehow got two ....

Mr. Sensory Processing Disorder can't wear long sleeves ...... I got him in short sleeves!!!  For THREE MINUTES .....  SMH ....  But behold!  The power of Minions!

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