Friday, April 18, 2014

Parent Teacher Conferences


DB & I had parent teacher conferences today for both Nathan and Kaedyn. Even though Nathan hasn't been in school much this year (boo) ... but he's doing really well. Even though he's not talking - he is reading at a 1st Grade Level ... his Speech Therapist told us that she was observing him in class (reg class, not his inclusion classroom) and his teacher (Mrs. M) was doing a lecture on something. After there was a comprehension worksheet and he did it ALL BY HIMSELF and got them ALL RIGHT! Go Nate! And he's starting to navigate the school on his own. Makes me nervous about him being alone doing things because he is still so small but I'm assured that he is never truly alone. Mrs. E follows him at a distance and his classmates walk him to the Inclusion Room... lol... Kaedyn is doing AMAZING. He needs to work on rhyming and writing his name, and that's all. She commented on how much of a math wiz he is. She also commented on how he gets really emotional and anxious around new people and new situations ... and how he closes down. So .... he's doing REALLY REALLY good but still gets anxious and has two things we need to improve on.  We are really proud

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