Friday, February 28, 2014

Celebrate in the RARE!

.Here at My Unique Flowers ....... we like to celebrate being unique.  Every soul on this Earth is UNIQUE ... no two are the same.  Some are a like, some can relate because they have been through the same thing and similar circumstances....   But there are a few placed on this Earth who hide the wings of Angels.  Their fights are ... just a little tougher, a little longer, and harder.  They gracefully navigate hurdles and obstacles as if they were nothing more than a feather in their way.  Others blast threw boulders put in their way with grace.

I have two children who amaze me on a daily basis.  As a parent, watching what they have to go through breaks my heart because I don't want to see them hurting, poked, prodded, struggling though things that a child at their age should never have to go through....   But as a parent, I watch these children stomp on anything in their way and become a SUPERHERO .....  I watch their friends, who struggle equally... become such STARS that no one could imagine reaching the depths of the adventures they go through.

When they cry, we cry.  When we celebrate, they celebrate.

We are lucky to hold these miracles in our lives every day.  We are lucky to witness the miracles of our own children and our friend's children too.

We are ......... amazed.

Today, we celebrate the RARE!  Today, we honor them!  Be UNIQUE ...

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