Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 1 Home.....

FB: Morning 1 at Home: Nathan is still crazy sore. He does NOT want to walk. Luckily his pain is at a 2 on the face pain scale (yay! - but I think he's talking about his general pain - and not when he tries to walk.) ... Last night he wanted to sleep in our room which was fine with us. He slept well. He woke up this morning and started to poke me (not moving of course - just poking my legs) ... and so I got up and asked him what he needed. He wanted to be moved out into the living room so he can play X-Box. So boy got what he wanted  Oh and Chocolate Milk is his magical elixir right now, it's keeping him drinking! So that's what he's been drinking. Kaedyn is really happy to have him home

Got the kids these crazy Popsicle for a treat.  The peel is fondant ...  they were weird.   But the kids liked them still....

Got all Nathan's cards on display!

FB:  We did his G-tube cleaning this morning (not his favorite thing for sure) and put a pad on for the first time (which he did not want any part of but convinced him to try it out just to see how it felt) and he likes it. ..

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