Saturday, January 24, 2015


.Double entry day ... woohooo..... yep yep ...

So two days ago, Nathan announced he had a loose tooth!  This is his first (not removed by the dentist) ....  so it's super exciting!!!

Well, yesterday he could push that sucker almost all the way out of his mouth!  We did a video, it's on our youtube channel .....   but here it is for anyone who wants to watch.  Um excuse the burping...  but at least he has manners! LOL

Well, this morning, he wakes me up and tells me -- "I LOST MY TOOTH!"

I guess Daddy and him were on the computer this morning, and he was playing with it, and all of a sudden Daddy heard something hit the desk.  It was Nate's tooth!!  LOL....  Nathan grabbed it and immediately put it under his pillow!!  Oye....

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