Saturday, February 7, 2015

Oye the Hyposadious Crazies Continue ...

.My mother is a genius. Now I know where I get it from, but I didn't think of this. So Nathan has had (so far) 4 surgeries on his boy bits. His urethra was on the under side of his penis and not the tip. It took 3 surgeries to get it to the tip. (Noah had this also but only needed one surgery) ..... We thought we were done then. Then he needed a 4th surgery because he had 3 holes he was peeing from. We thought we were done.

Finally we get him completely potty trained and his underwear is constantly wet. Not because he is peeing/having accidents. He is leaking.

So he is going through a lot of underwear a day because they get wet.

I hate to put him back in diapers or pull ups because it feels like a step back and I am afraid he will get lazy with it.

So that whole story was to say my mom thought about putting pantry liners in his underwear to catch the wet but save the underwear. Yay!! And I was worried about him being okay with it but we sat and explained it, and he was okay with it!! Yay!! He gets really upset when he gets wet. So genius idea!

So I put a panty liner in his underwear early this afternoon.  And it came out all scrunched up.  So I taped down each end of the panty liner with soft medical tape to see if that would help it stay in place.  Guess we'll see tomorrow.   This was getting his night time undies ready, and that is taped on with clear medical tape ....

He ended up still wetting his pants with ^^^^ that one .....

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