Sunday, February 1, 2015


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A lot of you may not know Noah's story. A lot of you might be sick of hearing it. But I'll NEVER get sick of shouting it from the roof tops. 13 years ago my little miracle was born. It was terrifying and scary, and filled with unknowns after the doctors would not give us any hope of him living to see life outside of the hospital... They told me he'd die. Period. Noah has a rare genetic disorder called Mosaic Trisomy 16. If you want to know more about it, ask me. If you want to read his wonderful story, let me know. But this little boy who wasn't supposed to live was born 13 years ago today, 1lb 12oz ... 13 3/4 inches long.... strong and stubborn as hell.... and it was those two things that got him here today.... he is growing into an amazing young man, and he's officially a teenager.... WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH NOAH!!! Beyond measure! HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY!!!! You are and forever will be ..... THE BOY WHO LIVED

Once upon a time, there was a wizard who cast a spell on a young Princess.  She had one little Prince and wished for another child to fill her womb, but instead, as soon as it started the process of being filled, her body would wash it again.  Over and over again.... and then it didn't.  But the Princess didn't know that this wizard has cast a spell on her that would cause her baby to die.

The Princess got the news and was utterly heartbroken.  She begged and pleaded with the higher powers to save her baby.

Then suddenly, an Angel showed up casting a light around her and her growing belly.

The Angel said "He won't be like any other child, he will be special.  If you hold out hope until the very end, he will beat this spell cast upon him.  He will show that wizard the true nature of a mother's love.  And he will be perfect in his own way."

And she vanished.

The new young Prince was born so tiny people doubted he would survive, but the young Princess just smiled and watched him grow.

The younger Prince was visited by many medicine men and all gave doubtful news.  But the young Princess just smiled and did what needed to be done for her young Prince's health.

And when the two Princes lost their father .... a Knight came along and swept them all off their feet.  They became the best family for each other.  And the young Prince thrived in ways no one thought he would, but his hopeful family.

And on the young Prince's 13th anniversary of his birth, he stood up and shouted the joys of breaking through the doubt and shining bright as the boy he was.  The Boy Who Lived.


So my young Prince .....  got to open his gifts a little early (the night before his birthday) so he could really enjoy them a bit early.  Most of his birthday was going to be spent at Nana & Papa's watching the Superbowl Game.

This is the cake they had at my Mom's for Noah's birthday.

I however didn't get to go over because the pain (from my spots) is just so bad right now.  (Boo!!)

Second Facebook Post of the day:

13 Years of watching this little bitty grow up into a very intelligent kind young man. He had a rough start. 1lb 12oz ... he had people doubting he'd live ... but he has shown all the nay sayers strong and stubborn he is. His stubborn might drive me nuts sometimes but not a moment goes by where I'm not thankful for that stubborn because that's what's gotten to where he is. I call him the Boy Who Lived because he is. 13 years I have gotten to watch this very kind, animal loving child who is full of wonder and questions. He's very excited he gets to share his birthday with the Seahawks Super Bowl today! (Now they have to win!) ... It amazes me how far he has come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!!

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