Sunday, March 1, 2015

Come Join the FUN! Capture YOUR Trisomy Journey.

March is Trisomy Awareness Month
During the month of March, we are raising awareness for the Trisomy community, and we welcome you to take part as well!

We not only want to spread the word that persons born with a trisomy syndrome should be treated as individuals, and not disregarded because of their diagnosis, We also want to help our community capture their journey.
We hope to help you through your journey with mindful healing. 

We encourage you to explore your grief and joys, and discover more about your thoughts and feelings to aid in your healing during your trisomy journey. The journey has many ups and downs, whether your loved one has passed, or is living. We hope this project helps you, no matter where you are at, in the Trisomy journey. Some may be grieving the loss of their child, and others grieving the typical life they originally imagined for their loved one. The dreams may change, and the challenges be great. We hope to aid you in exploring the untouched thoughts and feelings, so that you find comfort in your growth and adaptions in life, in your Trisomy journey. Each day of March, you are invited to explore the word of the day, and elaborate with words or a picture(s). We encourage you to journey your innermost feelings, and discover the journey to it's depths.

On our fb page, TrisomyFamilies, and our blog, support4trisomyfamilies.blogspot, there are 31 subjects, one for each day in the month of March. You are invited to share a photo or written words, which capture your journey with each daily subject that inspires your heart. You are welcome to take new photos or use ones from the past.

With each correlating day, you can post your entry on paper, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, blog, Instagram, etc, with either words, or photographs that explore your journey with Trisomy. Please keep in mind that if you share in social media, your journal may be exposed publicly. 

You can join us at any point of time during the month. You can choose which days you wish to participate, and can skip days, accordingly. You are welcome to join the Capture your Trisomy Journey project whenever you feel comfortable in doing so, and are not required to do so. Please keep in mind, this is a healing and growth project, so there will likely be moments of deep rooted feelings. We ask that you seek professional help if you are struggling beyond what this project is able help you with. We do not claim to be professionals in grief and healing.

If you chose to use public social media, we ask that you keep in mind there are insensitive persons out there, who will not appreciate your journey. We ask that you protect your heart. Do not allow them to upset you. You have rights to ignore, report, and block them. If you respond to them, you will be giving them the attention they desire, and this pulls the focus from your healing and growth. This is a project for you, and not everyone will respect your personal Trisomy journey. If your post has brought you to a tough day, it is ok to step back and rejoin the project when you are comfortable to do so.
We ask that you use your own photos and words, whether past or present. It is a personal journey, and we ask that you explore it as your own. We ask that you respect others doing this project, as their journey will not be yours. We encourage you to support your fellow Trisomy community members, by responding with words of encouragement on their entries.
We ask that to share in the Trisomy Awareness month, you hashtag your posts with ‪#‎trisomyfamilies‬ ‪#‎trisomyawareness‬

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