Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Treasures through the Hospital


So we were at Seattle Children's Hospital...   and I wanted to share some of the treasures we found through out the hospital walking around a little...

First off there are different areas.   The Whale Area is the clinic area and surgery area ...   the Giraffe Area is the hospital area ...   there are also the Train, the Balloon, Rocket, and maybe more ... it helps you identify elevators to take you to certain areas ... or just where you are in the hospital

 There is a waiting room in the doorway with these giraffes ... 

 So I showed you the doorway .......  there are little mosaic pictures on the floor in the rooms....
 A very colorful hallway
 Giraffe elevators on our floor
 Flowers by the elevators

Each elevator has a "picture" that goes along with it's themes ... so the two giraffe elevators have giraffe theme pictures (or murals) ...  

 The ceilings were fun too
 Here is an example of one of the train elevators ....

 there were a lot of animal sculptures

The walls around the whole hospital are fun and inviting .... 
 Trains in the train area - go figure!

Here are some of the pretty tiles 

 Even the bathrooms had different themed tiles, these are just tiles from one bathroom


 Yep - Pigs Fly ....

 Love these

The construction that's going on at the hospital

This is the Family Resource Center ... where parents can shower and use computers and what not.  Yep...... you have to go to one place in the hospital - huge hospital - to take a shower......

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